Sigma Epsilon Phi was originally established as a non-profit organization for Greek immigrants arriving in the United States. It was a forerunner of GOYA (Greek Orthodox Youth of America), which was created for people between the ages of eighteen and forty. In the 1950s, Sigma had a membership of eighty-two; during that time it began to host dances, boatcruises, and various fundraising activities. As word spread of this organization from one Greek Orthodox Cathedral to the next, many more chapters were formed across the country.

Here at The Ohio State University, Sigma Epsilon Phi was established during the 1930s and continues the tradition of being a non-profit organization created for Greek Orthodox students attending the university. Currently we have a membership of more than forty, not including our ever-helpful alumni. We host an annual dance that has been a tradition for over sixty years, and take part in many fundraising activities. Our members are actively involved in the Greek Orthodox Cathedral here in Columbus, Ohio.

Preamble to our Constitution:

We, the students of the Orthodox faith and the Philorthodox of the Ohio State University, are here in order to establish a social Fratority organization to promote the principles of brotherhood; to create an outlet for social activities and to stimulate a sincere interest in the Orthodox faith, culture, and community affairs, do hereby ordain and establish this Constitution for The Ohio State University chapter of the Sigma Epsilon Phi Fratority.



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